Type: Mountain Bike

Length: 25 miles

Surface: Dirt



Grade - Rolling Moderate Hills



Stephens State Forest is located in south-central Iowa and is divded into seven unit totaling over 15,000 acres.

multi-use trail that can be utilized for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and equestrian riding.

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Olmitz Miner Adventure Race

7 Saturday Jun 2014
  • Chariton, IA
  • Adventure Race
  •    11,087

Olmitz Miner Adventure Race

13 Saturday Apr 2013
  • Chariton, IA
  • Adventure Race
  •    11,323

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2020 - BIKEIOWA Year In Review

  • bikeiowa
  • Sun December 20 2020
  •   6,870
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Riding Dirt trails during Freeze and Thaw cycles

  • bikeiowa
  • Fri December 4 2020
  •   3,802

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