• Posted May 17

Is this going to be your first RAGBRAI? If so, you are not alone! On this episode Murph & AP answer some common questions that people new to RAGBRAI ask.
-Can my luggage have wheels on it so I can get it from the RAGBRAI luggage trailer to my campsite easier?
-Are there any good ways to track my miles besides a bike computer?
-Hydration options…is a water bottle enough or do I need a hydration pack as well?
-Can you explain charters? Do I need a charter on top of registration?
-Should I leave my vehicle in the start town or the end town?
-When will wristband numbers be available?
-Are e-bikes allowed on the course?
-Are you required to stop in each town?
-Can you share some advice for a newbie?
-Will you guys be doing podcasts during RAGBRAI?
Many questions can be answered by checking out thewww.ragbrai.comwebsite and clicking on “THE RIDE” tab!

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