• Posted Oct 28, 2019

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger

“I prefer technical races so I really enjoyed the wooded section by the creek and the slalom through the ditch," said Spin Devo's Caelyn Bailey. "The long sandpit feature was good too. And the barn was cute.”
Caelyn could only be talking about Creekside ReUnion at Coralville's Creekside Cross cyclocross course, the first of two races coming up November 2 & 3 in the Iowa City area. The second race, Bobbers Cross, is at Bobbers Grill on Scales Point in North Liberty. The two very local races could otherwise hardly be any different.

"I've only done Bobbers once," explained Jim Bethea of Iowa City Cycling Club. "I don't remember much other than a massive sand pit and the possibility of riding into the lake if you weren't paying attention. It is a big contrast to Creekside in that there isn't much elevationgain.

I like the hills at Creekside. It is the hilliest course in Iowa outside of Jingle and that helps me a bit. The sand pit can be dicey if it doesn't rain. The ability to ride the sand and hills can be a difference maker on that course."
"In general, the course at Creekside is very difficult," said Brooke Bailey, Caelyn's mom and Spin Devo coach. "It may be too hard for juniors. Maybe an abbreviated course for juniors is a good idea, cutting out the top of the climb. As a coach, I like to see the technical features for the kids. How else are they going to learn, and who wants a grass criterium, really? Any junior that wants to do a full course could race category."

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