Gray’s Lake Park, the Kruidenier Trail and Meredith Trail will be closed on Tuesday, May 23 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. to apply fog sealant to improve pavement conditions for our trail users.

Please stay off the closed trails during this time.

These trails are located at Gray’s Lake Park, and head East towards the SE 2nd Avenue bridge. The surface application will create a sticky-tar like substance and unauthorized access may result in damage to the trails, your shoes or your bicycle equipment. Please help us spread the word to keep people off the trail so this project can finish without delay.

We need your support to help spread the word and keep people off the trail while application work is underway so that we can reopen to the public as soon as possible.


Additionally, you may be aware we are looking for volunteers to help with the closure. If you like biking, box lunches, and brews check out our volunteer opportunity. You will be tasked with watching the closed off sections of trail and not allowing any trail users past in exchange for a free lunch and a free beer ticket to be used after the event courtesy of Exile Brewing.

This volunteer event is best done with a friend as the shift is from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.! We will deliver a boxed lunch to you ?? while you are out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air on our trails. And BONUS...Exile Brewing has thrown in a FREE BEER at their brewery for you to enjoy with a friend after!

If you are interested you can scan the QR code on the attached “BikesBoxesBrews Sign Up” or click the link below:


Thank you for your patience while we near completion of this project.

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