The Raccoon River Valley Trail provides recreational opportunities for residents of Dallas, Guthrie and Greene Counties.

To keep the trail in good condition, the respective County Conservation Departments do what they can to keep the trail in tip top shape. Repairing bridges and their approaches, clearing debris, repaving or putting new asphalt on can get expensive over time though. One way those Conservation Departments produce funds is by issuing trail passes. Guthrie County Conservation Director Brad Halterman tells Raccoon Valley Radio about the most popular option.

“So that $10 pass is very popular, of course, and folks that live in the communities or in the counties around really take advantage of that. And for $10, that of course, the more you use it for recreation, the cheaper that recreation gets.”

Besides the $10 annual pass, there is also a $2 daily pass that people can purchase



Another way to support the RRVT is to attend or donate to the Annual Fundraising Banquet on February 18th 2023.
Thjs is the only fundraiser the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association does annually to raise funds for the trail.
Cannot attend, but still want to donate? DONATE HERE

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