• Wed January 04 2023
  • Posted Jan 4, 2023
Annabelle Santerre, at age 24, has accomplished more than most people twice her age: Ski Mountaineering Alaskan peaks, Guiding above the Arctic Circle, Mountain Biking Revelstoke and Mt. St. Anne, Slopestyle Ski Coach. Her adventures began with a simple word: Yes.

Iowa podcaster and longtime cyclist Dave Mable connected with the Arctic Expedition Guide recently to discuss a future expedition on Baffin Island on the frozen North Atlantic Ocean in March of 2023.

"I met Annabelle on the chairlift during a recent trip to Colorado," said Mable. "What caught my attention was when she used the words North Pole during her elevator speech about what she does."

?Follow Annabelle’s adventures on instagram, Facebook and YouTube. just look for @annabscooby. Also, click on her website at and say Yes to her next trip to the Arctic Circle!

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