• Tue October 25 2022
  • Posted Oct 25
Jingle Cross regular Lance Haidet juggles racing on the road, gravel mountain bike and cyclocross at the highest level while studying mechanical engineering at Cal Poly. As the 2019 U23 U.S. National Road Race Champion he caught the eye of Justin and Cory Williams and the L39ion of LA race team and joined for 2020. L39ion of LA has allowed him to explore the world of gravel as well continue in cyclocross and mountain bike racing while supporting the criterium-heavy Legion team. In 2022 he was accepted as one of 30 competitors in the six-race Lifetime Grand Prix. He and podcaster Dave Mable connected the week before the final race in Bentonville in mid-October.

Be sure and follow his adventures throughout this cyclocross season, but also on the road, gravel and mountain bike all year long! You can find him on instagram at @Lancy_pants and follow the entire L39ion team at @Legion of Los Angeles. He did wrap up the Lifetime Grand Prix series at the BigSugar Gravel race in Bentonville Arkansas where he finished 18th in the 104 mile race in 5 hours 13 minutes. That place kept him in 10th for the Lifetime Grand Prix - final paying spot.

Check out Episode no. 3 of Bike Talk with Dave to listen to Lance, along with then National CX Champ Gauge Hecht and Becca Farringer talk about their 2021 cyclocross seasons and how they managed during the summer and fall of 2020.

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