On March 22, 2022, the City Council voted unanimously to amend an ordinance that expands the enforcement of bike lanes being blocked by parked vehicles.

Stopping, standing or parking in bike lanes is already prohibited by city code; however, only Police were able to provide enforcement.This code change makes such an offense a non-moving violation, enabling Parking enforcement staff to issue citations. Read the full ordinance online.

When a vehicle parks in the bike lane, passing vehicles and cyclists must swerve into the through or center turn-lane to maneuver around them. During peak travel times, drivers and cyclists may have to do this multiple times while traveling the corridor, creating a potentially unsafe situation for cyclists and drivers alike.

Enforcement staff will provide written warning/citations, accompanied by a flyer containing a QR code thatlinks to a map with available parking options in the area. New signage is posted on Clinton Street to remind drivers that no stopping, standing, or parking is allowed in bike lanes.

Violators will be assessed a $15 citation, with the potential of having the vehicle towed.Enforcement staff will issue warnings for one week and will then transition to issuing citations.






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