With the weather getting a little bit warmer outside, now is the time to think about purchasing your Raccoon River Valley Trail Pass.

Dallas County Conservation Board Outreach Coordinator Sarah Gilchrist says there are multiple ways for people to get their permits including by going to the Dallas County Conservation website or you can even get your permit right on the trailhead.

“When you go to the trail there are trailheads, at the trailheads there are these yellow poles and they have next to them a little sign that has a QR code on it and it’s so snazzy you can just hold up your phone, use the QR code, it takes you straight to where you enter all the information on your phone and then the permit will actually be emailed to you and that is what you can save to your phone or you can print it.”

Gilchrist tells Raccoon Valley Radio you can also print the permit if you feel more comfortable having a physical copy of the permit. Annual permits are available for $10 and are valid from January through December. Daily permits are also available for $2.

For more information or to purchase your Raccoon River Valley Trail permit you can go here.

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