A pair of bikers on a cross-country journey using solar energy rolled into Waterloo Sunday.

Sushil Reddy and Louis Fourzan are riding a partially solar-powered bicycle 6,900 miles across the United States to promote sustainable mobility and clean energy.

"It's an electric bicycle, which is constantly being powered by the power of the sun," Reddy said. "An electric bicycle gives you an assist while pedaling, so you don't put in a lot of physical effort compared to a normal bike."

The bike has two solar panels, which provide 100 volts of power to the battery. The bike's battery is constantly recharged by the power of the sun. Reddy said using the light from the sun doubles their daily range on the e-bike.

"On a sunny day, I get an extra 35 or 40 miles just using the power of the sun," Reddy said. "That is how the solar power helps."





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