A highly-trafficked bike and walking trail on the west side of the metro could undergo significant repaving in the future.

In a post on social media this month, members of the Warren County Conservation Board (WCCB) said they were aware the surface of the Great Western Trail "has been deteriorating over the years."

The Great Western Trail has trailheads in Des Moines and Martensdale and spans 16.5. miles.

The board has paid for patching up rough spots and putting tar in cracks on the pavement, but in many locations, more significant work is needed.

The board has now hired a civil engineering firm to conduct a pavement analysis survey and is looking for financial help in rehabbing the surface of the trail.

According to WCCB, the board has applied for a COVID-19 Relief Recreational Trails Program Grant, as well as the State Recreational Trails Grant.

"It is the WCCB's goal to provide a safe multi-use trail for everyone to enjoy," said the board on social media.

No timeline has been set yet for when repairs will be made or which sections of the trail will be impacted.

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