Have you thought about getting a bicycle lately? If you are, you aren't the only one.

"The bicycle industry is in the middle of a cultural bike boom," said Haley Ludwick Trek Bicycles Corporate Communications Manager.

Similar to video games which have found a way to thrive during the pandemic bicycling has also seen a boom in activity.

"People needed to seek a new way to exercise in a safe and socially distanced manner," said Ludwick.

"People had some more free time on their hands. They couldn’t really get out and go to enclosed spaces with friends so yes, we noticed a lot of people wanting to do something, so they chose bicycling," said Kevin Richards Owner of Bike Central.

Some are also trying to avoid public transportation because of the pandemic.

"During a pandemic, people are a little hesitant to ride on buses or trains with a lot of people so they are turning to bicycles to commute to and from work or for errands," said Ludwick.

With more people purchasing bicycles and a lag in production from COVID-19, there has been trouble keeping up supply for those looking to purchase a bike.





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