Ryker Colon was born with medical issues that left his family searching for answers from Iowa City and Mayo Clinic.

“Ryker has very weak muscles. He wears his helmet to school because he is constantly falling. He doesn’t have enough strength to go up our stairs or play on the playground,” says Ryker’s father, Eddie Colon.

Now five-years-old, he remains undiagnosed.

“He has been tested for muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis but those have all come back negative. He has had multiple genetic tests done and they have not found anything,” Colon says.

Recently, Ryker has been wanting a bicycle. His parents knew a typical bike wouldn’t work for him. So they posted on Facebook asking for suggestions.

That’s when Ryker’s kindergarten teacher, Callie Pangburn, got in contact with the Muscatine AEA and Pilot Club. Together they arranged for Ryker to receive a customized bicycle made just for him.

“We both instantly bawled and were both touched that she would do something like that. I told her you are stuck with us for life. Not just this year for kindergarten. You are going to be a part of our family forever,” says Colon.

Ryker will be riding his new bike soon, once it’s built exactly for his needs.







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