• Mon August 17 2020
  • Posted Aug 17, 2020
We all love to ride trails in Iowa, but some trails are closed right now and trail users need to respect the closures so city and county workers can either clean-up the trail or finishing building the trail.

This news item is focuses on the new Des Moines River Trail segment from the James W. Cownie Baseball Park to Easter Lake in Des Moines.
See the attached map for the location.

The trail is closed !!
The are barricades and fencing at each entrance location, yet cyclists continue to ignore, move or tear down these traffic control measures to ride the trail anyway.

Cyclists have ridden on brand new asphalt right behind the paver and rutting it up. This causes re-work and extra dollars and time to repair.

There is still lots of equipment working on the entire length of project and the operators don't need to be watching for rogue trails users as they work to complete the trail.

Just this morning 5 cyclists were asked to get off the trail.

If you see cyclists entering this part of the trail, please alert them to the reasons it is closed.

PLEASE observe and respect the trail closure signs.

When will the new Des Moines River Trail segment be open?
The Des Moines Parks Department will make an announcement when this trail is officially open. It is getting close, but it is all weather dependent.
Stay tuned and BIKEIOWA will also post the new as soon as we see it!

Des Moines River Trail is the official name.

#2 - bikeiowa posted Aug 17, 2020

Whats the name of this trail?

#1 - MrPeske posted Aug 17, 2020

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