Imagine Iowa Great Lakes is seeking artists to produce large scale murals in the Lakes Area.

Executive Director Michelle Goodenow says, it's part of the organization's beautification mission."The idea behind the Mural Program is simply to bring color and interest to the Highway 71 Corridor and the streets of the region. So, this year's kind of a pilot program. We'll be working with interested property owners to find and locate two sites for outdoor murals. Recently, a mural was complete in the Spines Trail connector tunnel, which is under the bridge between East and West Lake, and we've had great feedback on that, you know, making a public space more beautiful. We're looking at areas specifically visible from Highway 71, along the trail system and that are accessible to pedestrians."

She adds that the call is open to artists from around the region."All Iowa-based artists and then artists in the surrounding states are eligible to submit their work and apply. What we're looking for is, artists that have experience in designing and creating either wall murals or large-scale paintings. Commercial painters interested in painting murals are also eligible to apply. Applications are being accepted through August 12, 2020."





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