While many businesses are struggling through the pandemic, others are thriving like never before. That includes ‘Anywhere Bike Repair‘.

“We’ve been rocking rolling since I got back to Des Moines around St. Patrick’s Day,” says business owner and sole employee, Scott Willcox. Instead of taking your bike into the shop, Willcox brings his shop on wheels to you.

“It’s more of a convenience thing,” says Willcox, but adds “I also enjoy that travel factor. It’s not just walk into the same shop with that one window to the outside world.”

The pandemic has left thousands of Iowans with more time on their hands. Many of them have discovered or rediscovered their love of cycling in that time. Willcox says he is seeing a mix of new owners and those who are dusting off their old bikes.

Wilcox has a tip for all bikers worried something is wrong with their bike. He calls it the drop test.

“Take your bike just one inch off the ground and just kind of set it down, let it fall,” says Willcox, “It should feel like one piece. You shouldn’t hear any reverberations, you shouldn’t hear any rattling.” Wilcox says with the proper maintenance, a bike owner shouldn’t ever really need his services.

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