As a biker, I really appreciate all the bike lanes and trails being added around the Burlington, West Burlington and Des Moines County areas.

However, it would be so much better if all my biking friends and I could really use them. Unfortunately, there is so much garbage, sand, rocks, sticks and other debris covering most of them, that it’s virtually impossible for a road bike to safely travel the lanes and trails designed for us.

Road bike tires are slender and very prone to flats, so you can imagine the damage all the debris and garbage would do.

Not to mention, the sand and rocks cause accidents, which can be devastating on a bike. So, that forces us to continue to ride on the road, which then causes us to bear the wrath of angry drivers who don’t understand our situation.

They try to drive as close as possible to our bikes while blasting by us, honk long and loud, flip us the bird or yell profanity.







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