Ragbrai is just a few months away, that means Fairfield residents don’t have much longer to prepare to get weird. The theme for the overnight stop in Farfield is ‘Geared for Weird’.

Organizer Ron Hunerdosse says that theme is fitting for a unique town such as Fairfield. He says this year’s ride comes through town on a Thursday, but hosting a big party on a weeknight isn’t a problem for a town prepared to get weird.

“It’s gonna be great. It’s on a Thursday night, and we want to remember that because usually a town this close to the river is on a Friday, but they’re going to go to Burlington, then we’re going to go down to the river in Keokuk. So, we’re a Thursday night, but we’re going to show that Thursday night can be just as exciting as Friday night, “said Hunerdosse.

When Ragbrai hit Fairfield in 2013 mustaches were a required dress. This time it will be a bit more colorful.





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