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  • Posted Mar 8, 2018

Update - Fri Mar 9th 3:28pm - This looks like the consumption regulation is already in place. The change is all about switching from a "regulation" to an ordinance" that is more enforceable with fines or jail time. Be aware that "Stopping at intersections" is also on the list to become and ordinance in Boone County. You want to make a difference? Show up at the meeting on Monday.

Update - Fri Mar 9th 1:54pm - Uploaded current regulations for Boone County sections of the High Trestle Trail.

Update - Fri Mar 9th 11:03am - Uploaded agenda for Mar 12 meeting. Also reached out for details on the "regulation changes" for the High Trestle Trail.

We've heard rumors that the Boone County Conservation Board may take action to curb alcohol usage on the Boone County sections of the High Trestle Trail.

What know is that the Cities of Slater and Madrid are not at all interested in this over-arching regulation. Apparently the proposed new alcohol ban would go into effect at the grain bins on the west edge of Slater, be lifted in the City of Madrid, begin again on the west edge of Madrid and be in effect all the way until O Avenue, the first gravel road west of the High Trestle Bridge (the Boone/Dallas County Line).

We've got a lot of questions about how this would be enforced and really, what the ultimate goal is. We have a lot of concerns about how confusing the change in regulation based on jurisdiction would be for tourists, especially because the High Trestle Trail is such a destination.

Apparently, initially the proposal was to completely prohibit POSSESSION of alcohol on the Boone County sections of the High Trestle Trail, but rumor has it is that it has been relaxed and would now only prohibit CONSUMPTION of alcohol on the Boone County sections of the High Trestle Trail.

Right now, we've only heard rumors. We have requested an agenda for the next Boone County Conservation Board meeting, set for Monday, March 12. We have tried to find copies of the previous meeting minutes, but they aren't available online.

They are legally required to publicly post the agenda in a prominent place at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Boone County Conservation Staff may be able to answer questions or provide an agenda. They are just doing their jobs, which are directed by the County Conservation Board.

Boone County Conservation Board members are:

  • Molly Ketchum, Chair

  • Marilyn Jordan, Vice Chair

  • Neil Goeppinger, Secretary

  • Alvin Treloar

  • Jennifer Schieltz

They are doing what they think is best, but we've still got concerns about actions they may take related to this issue.

Our concerns stems from how confusing this will be for the trail user. One trail should have one set of rules. Our other concern is how difficult it would be to enforce a rule against possession, especially in light of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which prevents unreasonable search and seizure. (Hence, we hope the rumor that the board will be discussing a ban on consumption of alcohol is true.)

Be aware that consumption of alcohol is already banned at the High Trestle Bridge. This proposed new ban would extend that policy. We hear this has been proposed because of the bad impressions that excessively drunk people have had on families visiting the High Trestle Bridge. The bottom line? Don't be an a$$hole.




Don't be an A$$hole is always good advice... ;)

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