A good article regarding the proposed increase in the city’s hotel tax from 4 percent to 7 percent in Atlantic Iowa.

Here are a few excerpts: Read the entire article.

The city currently has a 4 percent hotel tax, the increase would raise it to 7 percent. And that would add about $3 to the cost of a $100 hotel room. Probably not a deal breaker, especially considering some hotels include additional “amenities” fees that are twice as much as the current city hotel tax.

If approved, the tax would provide an additional $45,000 for new trails and the operation and maintenance of the Schildberg Recreation area. The Schildberg Recreation area is quickly becoming the centerpiece of the city’s park system and is growing in popularity every year.

The Mayor has said he would like to make the area and local “icon.” He’s right.

Studies have shown that people will travel to use bike trails and other recreational facilities.

I referenced previously a study by the University of Northern Iowa conducted in 2011 that estimated there are “149,916 recreational riders on Iowa’s trails (this figure is conservative and may be higher due to tourism), who use the trails from 1-6 times a week.”

And that was six years ago. There is no doubt that number has grown. Just check out the High Trestle Trail or check out the “Taco Ride” from Council Bluffs to Mineola every Thursday evening. The popularity of the trail systems will be apparent.





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