Ames cyclists and walkers had the opportunity to listen in on potential city plans and voice their concerns Friday during the second Ames Bike Summit.

Roughly 40 people met in the auditorium of the Ames Public Library from noon to 5 p.m. to hear from city planners, Iowa State University staff and biking organizations from other communities in hopes of continuing the conversation of cyclist and pedestrian safety.

For some, such as Ames resident, Jody Hayes, the more that the city and schools can educate motorists and cyclists on the proper ways to ride, the safer the community can be.

"A big part of people feeling safe riding down the streets is knowing how to ride and knowing the safety signals," Hayes said. "My biggest challenges with riding on the street are motorists not educated as to what my rights are and also tolerant and patient."

The event, put on by the Ames Bicycle Coalition and Healthiest Ames, featured three presentations, followed by personal stories from several community members and, finally, a panel discussion. During the presentations, representatives from the Mason City Blue Zone Project spoke about the steps they have taken to make their town more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, and how it has helped with transportation and also made the town healthier.






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