• Wed July 11 2012
  • Posted Jul 11, 2012
Our favorite cartoonist, Brian Duffy, puts the pedal to the pen to create yet another current events instant classic...

Two tickets in three years(KCCI). That is how many citations that have been handed out by the Polk Co. Sheriffs. Those two were handed out by our very own Bike Trail Barney. The folks that rant about trail "scofflaws" are the same that caterwaul about cyclists on the road. They are also the ones that don't like Big Brother and his red light cameras, but I digress. I wonder how the businesses along the various trails in the state feel? There is money in them there lycra jerseys and they know that. Is that something they'd like to lose?

I do have a few questions that need answering: what legally constitutes a "full stop"? do all of the rules of the road apply to recreational trails? if so, cite the code. How about walkers and joggers, do they have to make a "full stop"? Where is the emergency brake on a bike?

Did you Say T-shirts?

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