• Mon September 22 2008
  • Posted Sep 22, 2008
Save the Date: Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008 IMBA clubs and patrols around the globe will celebrate the fifth annual National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008. The event provides a great opportunity to help kids have fun. All you need to do is visit IMBA's website, register your ride and plan an excursion. Whether you bring a few kids -- or a few hundred -- outdoors on their bikes you'll be helping the next generation gain an appreciation for the healthy, low-impact activity of mountain biking. IMBA has a tradition of leadership in youth-oriented mountain biking programs. Leaders in the field gathered at this summer's IMBA World Summit and discussed strategies for expanding and improving youth programs. IOWA Events Sponsored by CITA, this year’s ride will be on Saturday, October 4th from 11am to 3pm. This year’s ride will be at Lake Ahquabi State Park (Beach Shelter) which is approximately 5 miles south of Indianola on Hwy 65/69. The park has great trails for all skill levels and ages. All parents and kids are encouraged to attend. Treats have been ordered from IMBA and we will have refreshments available for the participants. No entry fee is required. Lots more details on the CITA Blog or the BIKEIOWA Calendar!

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