• Mon December 17 2007
  • Posted Dec 16, 2007
It’s hard to make much progress without thinking carefully about future options. Consequently, it’s commendable that Webster County Conservation has developed a Capital Improvement Plan that sets out objectives for the next five years. The planned upgrades and enhancements to the county’s parks and recreation areas were shared recently with the Webster County Board of Supervisors. Matt Cosgrove, the county’s conservation director, characterized the plan as a budgeting tool that provides a ‘‘way to look forward’’ so priorities can be clarified. Two major goals Webster County Conservation envisions pursuing are connecting the Fort Dodge trail systems with John F. Kennedy Memorial Park and linking the park and the adjacent Lakeside Golf Course to the city’s water system. Extending the Fort Dodge Nature Trail an additional five miles via a route that would pass through the Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex is an especially exciting project. It is very much in harmony with the recreational needs of the community. The game plan for the next half-decade also includes extensive repairs to the road system in Kennedy Park. Some roadways would be reconstructed. Those in better condition would be resurfaced. Anyone who frequents the park will recognize that making the roads more serviceable deserves major attention. Shelters and campground areas are also scheduled for upgrading and a warming house for cold-weather activities is a likely enhancement. First-rate parks and recreation facilities contribute greatly to a community’s quality of life. The advance planning Webster County Conservation has undertaken will help our town and county build a better tomorrow.

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