• Tue December 11 2007
  • Posted Dec 11, 2007
GARNER — The Hancock County and Wright County boards of supervisors approved resolutions Monday asking the Legislature to limit county liability on secondary roads during public events. In October, Crawford County passed a resolution banning “RAGBRAI and any event of like kind and nature” from using Crawford County’s secondary roads. The decision follows a $350,000 settlement of a lawsuit filed by the family of a Davenport man who died after he lost control of his bike on a Crawford County road during the Des Moines Register’s annual bike ride in 2004. Ullrich’s family claimed that Crawford County was negligent in its maintenance of the road. The county did not admit negligence in the settlement but decided not to let RAGBRAI use its roads again. Supervisors in Hancock County said they didn’t want to pass any resolution that might affect local events which use the county roads such as Garner’s Duesey Days 5K or local tractor rides. “As long as our insurance company is going to cover our liability, it’s not that big of a risk for us,” said Supervisor Jerry Tlach. The issue was raised during a recent meeting of the Iowa State Association of Counties. ISAC urged counties to hold off on passing any resolutions similar to Crawford County’s and instead approve a resolution seeking action by the Legislature in 2008. “Each county can’t do their own thing,” said Supervisor Sis Greiman.

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