• Sat October 28 2006
  • Posted Oct 28, 2006
Own a piece of history and an autographed bike jersey for the world's most accomplished bike rider. Team WDM for LAF (West Des Moines for Lance Armstrong Foundation) is pleased to offer this exclusive, authentic, Lance Armstrong autographed bike jersey. This jersey was signed by Lance during his ride on the 2006 RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). The jersey was designed by Giordana of Italy and sold as a means of raising money for the LAF. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION. The WDM for LAF team consists of concerned citizens from the community of West Des Moines, Iowa who share the terrible common experience of losing someone to cancer. All of us wanted to help those who are currently battling this dreaded disease by raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We have been inspired by Lance's personal battle against cancer. This month makes his 10 year anniversary of winning his battle against cancer - help us to celebrate by raising money to assist those in the midst of their battle. Learn more about the Lance Armstrong Foundation by visiting Join us in helping to further the efforts to support individuals who are living with and beyond cancer. Remember, ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION.

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