• Fri August 18 2006
  • Posted Aug 18, 2006
Floyd Landis petition aims to "open eyes" Here is a petition you can sign and support! Aug 18th by Carlton Reid "The Floyd Landis doping scandal is a mess, and a stain on cycling. But what if it's a scandal not caused by Landis? What if Landis is telling the truth? What if Landis has been set-up?" That's the premise of a petition aimed not so much at supporting the athlete but questioning the credibility of the Paris-based drug testing lab and the unholy haste of Dick 'Nazi frogmen' Pound, head of the World Anti-doping Authority. The petition can be found here. It asks for transparent and independent scrutiny of the staff and working practices at the Chatenay-Malabry laboratory, the lab at the centre of the Floyd Landis case and which leaked Lance Armstrong's aged urine testing results last year. "Could it be the Landis scandal isn't about a rogue rider but a rogue lab technician?" posits the petition. It also asks for an internal WADA inquiry into the conduct of its chief, Dick pound. "The organisation's president may have the best of intentions but his attacks on athletes, before due process has been carried out, often fall far short of the standards you would expect of the head of a body aiming to eradicate drugs in sport," says the petition. "The world of competitive cycling - and sport in general - needs to be free of performance-enhancing drugs but if the three issues above are not fully explored, and the results put into the public domain, question marks will remain over the credibility of WADA and the Châtenay-Malabry lab."

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