• Posted Aug 18, 2008

Donate a Bike this weekend - Get Free Food & Drink! Looking to donate your unwanted bike to a good cause? Read on.

"The Solution to some of the world's Biggest problems are in your neighbor's garage" That's Right! - the Bicycle "Did you know that the bicycle is the most energy efficient transportation mode? It is 3 times more efficient than walking, 5 times more efficient than using the train and 15 to 20 times more efficient than driving a car."
EVENT DETAILS WHEN: Saturday August 23rd from 9 AM to noon WHERE: At the El Bait Shop in Des Moines map WHAT: the Bike Collective and El Bait Shop along with the More on the Fat Tire Ride are having a Bike Collection WHY: We will repair and refurbish your donated bicycle and pass it on to a community member who will benefit from use of the bicycle. Thank you for your generosity! Donate a Bike - receive a $10 gift card (*) to any of our restaurants and a free beer (*) from New Belgium Brewing (or root beer). * gift card and free beer good to the first 50 people who donate bicycles in "good" condition
    fine print...
  • Graham, the Bike Collective's manager will be the judge of "good" condition
  • Cash donations are accepted
  • All Bikes and cash donations are tax deductible (501C3)
  • Participate in the Fat tire Ride and get signed up for a New Belgium cruiser bike and other prizes straight from the brewery in Fort Collins, CO.
  • Find out more about The Des Moines Bike Collective
  • Cool "recycle a bicycle" logo was "borrowed" from this fine site:
  • The El Bait Shop is a 100% bicycle Friendly hang-out!
  • The Des Moines Bicycle Collective WILL be open on Saturday from 9:00 am to noon for your viewing pleasure (map)
So come on down and give a bicycle to a good cause and join us for the Fat Tire Ride!

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