• Posted Mar 2, 2008

Light up the night with this 22 L.E.D. flashing reflective mesh safety vest

Several cyclists have inquired about these flashing reflective mesh safety vests this past fall. I’ve now got more info on the vests and where you can purchase them. Quite a few cyclists I know have purchased them and have been very happy with them. “Light up the Night “with this flashing reflective mesh safety vest. The vest comes in a few sizes and has pull straps and clips on the side. There are two 2 inch vertical highly reflective stripes across the front and back. A 4 inch horizontal reflective stripe runs along the bottom of the vest on both sides. 22 L.E.D.s light up this vest (11 on the front and 11 on the back) and are powered by 3 AA Batteries which reside in a small pouch on the front left side of the vest. There is a small On/Off switch that turns the lights to a strobe-like setting. The 3 AA batteries probably weigh more than the vest does. Cost is 54.00 plus shipping It seems a little expensive, but what is the price to pay for being seen riding at night??? priceless.. Want one? Contact Tom at or call toll-free 877-336-2144 BAM'D SALES L.L.C 807 lake street Spirit Lake , Iowa 51360 (Note the photos are with the L.E.D.s OFF. This is some really good reflective materials...)

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