• Posted Jul 11, 2007

WWBC (Wild Women Bike Club)

This month's profile features the WWBC (Wild Women Bike Club) for the BIKEIOWA July 2007 profile.

  • Home Turf

    We bike out of West Des Moines, Tuesday evenings at 5:30 from Campbell's Park regularly. Debbi, co-captain, organizes a ride once a month from a different location. Our team members are from all over Des Moines IA
  • The Scoop

    Team started 4 yrs ago out of a desire to have a group of women to ride with weekly. We have many different ages and cycling abilities, many different professions, several retired women, etc
  • Who's Who

    Pam Thomas, team captain Debbi Breeding, co-captain This year we formed a team advisory group, which consists of myself, Debbi Breeding, Ruth Glick, Karen Jepsen and Nancy Sinnwell. We have 39 members to date and growing. We have determined we might need to cap membership at 50 because it's hard to get into a restaurant. A good problem to have.
  • Recent News

    We organize an annual ride with team members and spouses, which we just held on July 3rd from Raccoon River Park. This was our largest team event to date, which consisted of a 20 mile bike ride and a pizza picnic social at the shelter afterwards. It was great to meet team members spouses and get to know everyone a little better.
  • Did You Know?

    This year we selected the Dream Team as our club charity and made a respectable contribution from the team.
  • Our History

    Our team name actually started as Wednesday Women's Bike Club but then no one could bike on Wednesday nights, for one reason or another, so we switched to Tuesday nights. I liked the WWBC so much that we changed our name to Weekly Women's Bike Club. Then we started having so much fun and I had to get a ride home a couple nights from the post ride social, that we became the Wild Women Bike Club and it stuck. We had over adventures where we called ourselves other WWBC names so our jerseys have 10 different "names" for the WWBC.
  • Mission Statement

    Promote bicycling among women, no matter what age or ability.
  • What's Hot?

    Our team jerseys! Last year we were able to purchase our first jerseys for 25 team members. They are orange, yellow, green, red, purple and black When we wear them as a club, we look very cool. This year we purchased our second team jersey, which is orange, green and purple, with our club name WWBC and 9 different names we are known by.
  • What's Not?

    Trying to get in a restaurant with 25 riders (A good problem to have), but we've been meeting regularly at El Rodeo on University and they have been doing a great job taking care of us.
  • Favorite Iowa Event?

    Biking to the Downtown Farmer's Market because it's a great destination, good food and great people watching.
  • Favorite Quote

    Biking is not an exact science. Well, it's my favorite quote because some days getting a group organized can be a challenge.
  • What's Next?

    To expand our support of the Dream Team as our club charity. Next year we hope to make a sizable contribution and do an event sponsoring them. We have other ideas that the team advisory group are working on.
  • Sponsors

    To date, we are self supported. But we are always thinking about options.
  • Accepting new members?

    At this time, we still are but we are considering a member cap.
  • Dues/Benefits

    In 2008, we will be starting to collect dues to support some of our social activities and our club charity.
  • Contact Information

    Pam Thomas, team captain, 515-223-5055,, Debbi Breeding, co-captain
  • Website

    None yet

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