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April 4th 2024 - RAGBRAI releases the FULL route to include all the pass-through towns, meeting towns, gravel options, mile of silence, jersey days, and the century loop.

Plus, All overnight towns have released their website portals, themes, logos and musical acts!

RAGBRAI LI - 51st year!

The updated route is still 434 miles long, the 8th shortest and still the hilliest on record in the last 50 years with 18,375 feet of climb.

We are all super-excited to showcase the 43 Iowa towns on the 51st RAGBRAI route!

Day 6 will be dedicated to Mr. Pork Chop who passed away on March 24th 2024.

Don't underestimate how hilly Iowa can get. We don't make a "Iowa - Flat as a Waffle" apparel just for the funsies! ;)

You better start training! - See RAGBRAI's Training Blog

Wondering how the RAGBRAI SAG wagons work? Check out the latest JustGoBike #297 podcast where SAG Drivers, Joe and Coz, give all the details on when (and when not to) to SAG.

MAPS and Registration

?? More info and detailed maps and town links:
?? Join:


RAGBRAI is going through 4 towns that we did not have in our BIKEIOWA database!

These small towns are now added making a total of 1,032 towns and cities in our City Portal.

Attica (pop. no census count, but guessing under 50)
Selma (pop. 26)
Trenton (pop. 70)

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