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Come see us at the Expo and along the route all week!

BIKEIOWA is super-excited to be a part of the largest bike-touring event in the world!

We are working the whole week (look for the BLACK BIKEIOWA Tents). But, even though we don't get to ride this week, we attended the pre-ride in June so we've ridden the route and been to all the towns. Stop by if you have any questions.

We've been around for 21 years now - yep - before Google, Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media platforms, AND... We are still here as your #1 Iowa cycling resource!! We've posted thousands of times over the last 21 years. READ MORE

You'll find at the RAGBRAI Expo, on route with Iowa Beer Bus for three days and in the overnight towns of Pocahontas (day 2) and West Union (day 6). We will NOT be set up on-route or in Lansing on Saturday.

This feature is tailored to where BIKEIOWA will be and what we'll be up to all week. If you want specific RAGBRAI details, there is no better place than

Come see BIKEIOWA at the RAGBRAI Expo!

Downtown Sergeant Bluff is the place to be for the RAGBRAI EXPO. It will be centrally located near D street and 4th street and is FREE and open to the public. The Expo will showcase official bike shops, bicycle/component manufacturers from around the country, travel and tour operators, and retailers associated with the cycling industry. Over 80 exhibitors will attend this year.

We will be there to talk about anything cycling related, promote Iowa cycling and to sell BIKEIOWA gear. Some quantities are limited so get there early if you want something specific.

Expo Hours: 12 noon to 9pm on Saturday, July 23rd in Sergeant Bluff. Find out more about the Expo here.

We don't have our booth number yet, but the twin black BIKEIOWA tents are hard to miss.

Where to find us on route

We'll be out all week as we've partnered with the Iowa Beer Bus again. We've chosen some great spots for you to enjoy your day with food, beer and entertainment.

Look for our twin Black tents. It's going to be an epic week!

The Iowa Beer Bus brings you the finest offerings from many of Iowa's amazing craft brewers and also domestic go-tos.

One Stop Shop! At our stops we'll have food, drink, gear, entertainment and some shade! So any time you see the yellow Iowa Beer Bus, we'll be there too as will various food vendors!

Click Links for exact location, daily details, hours, food and entertainment
SUN - BIKEIOWA does not have an "official spot" this day. We will be on-route taking photos, and interviewing
TUE - on route - BIKEIOWA and the Iowa Beer Bus will be at the "FRIENDS OASIS" in Rodman - 41.1 miles in and only 15.3 miles from the overnight town.
SAT - We won't be vending this day. Enjoy the last day into Lansing

We have Facebook Events for every day too. Looks for last-minute updates there!


THANKS to Drunk Brian at for creating the map and the site that brings all the maps, bar guides, gpx files etc. together! Buy him a beer if you see him. He is captain of Team Wrong and he spends a TON of time consolidating all the details Use it - you'll love it!

Our sites are also listed with Team Good Beer, and DRUNK BRIAN 2022.

And Remember - You don't win a prize for getting into the overnight town early. Have FUN throughout the day!

2022 BIKEIOWA Gear line-up

We always have something different and fun going on! - Check out our 2022 gear line-up.

If you know BIKEIOWA, you know we focus on small batches with unique and fun designs. We enjoy the design process and come up with new designs each year. You can be assured there won't be 1,000 other cyclists wearing the same jersey as you. A BIG shout-out to our long-term partners - Primal Wear Inc. for the jerseys, crews and cycling caps, T-Shirt Graphix for our T-shirts for the last 20 years and Bike Rags for the Bandanas, Patches and Trucker Caps! We are VERY pleased with this year's designs!

We don't keep large inventories in stock and we bring 100% of our inventory with us, so when something sells out, it is truly sold out. We suggest that if you want anything, stop by early in the week to ensure your size and availability.


Don't want to carry your gear? We offer shipping too.

Donate to a town

RAGBRAI is only possible because these Iowa towns open their doors, businesses and providing volunteers top serve the ride. RAGBRAI donates $15k to each overnight town. It YOU would like to express your gratitide to the towns of Iowa who make this possible, you can DONATE by scanning the QR Code HERE. All funds will be split evening among the eight overnight town's charities.

BIKEIOWA sponsors attending the RAGBRAI Expo. Please support those who support us!

  • Bike Rags Apparel
    Iowa’s provider of custom cycling apparel.
    Web site:

  • Bike Tech
    One of the official RAGBRAI bicycle shops!
    Web site:

  • Erik's Bike Shop
    One of the official RAGBRAI bicycle shops!
    Web site:
  • Primal Wear
    High quality custom cycling apparel for clubs, teams and events.
    Web site:

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