• Posted Mar 31, 2022

Longtime Iowa cyclist, Dave Mable, recently started a weekly cycling podcast: Bike Talk with Dave.

Mable was founder and editor of an Iowa based sports magazine called Iowa Momentum, published from 2010 to 2016. Since that time he has worked as a freelance photographer and contributor at Cyclocross Magazine.

"My work at Cyclocross Magazine helped me develop strong relationships with some of the best cyclist in the country," said Mable. "And now with Zoom it makes recording conversations so easy. Plus, I have so many fun conversations on my hard drive, I felt they needed to be released into the world!"

The first Bike Talk with Dave episode was with Stephen Hyde, three-time National Cyclocross Champion. Hyde recently retired from the cross circuit and worked with USA Cycling as a National Team Coach during the UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Fayetteville.

"It was a great conversation about the state of cross in the U.S., and the fact that I had it recorded made the decision to start a podcast easy," said Mable. "I also had interviews set up with three cyclists from non-traditional countries who raced at Worlds, so I already had a great start."

Since then Mable has talked with the winner of the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350-mile race to McGrath, an Italian professional cycling photographer and a Costa Rican cyclist who made it to the World Championships after crawling out of the depths of drug addiction, homelessness and deep depression - Felipe Nystrom.

The most recent episode will make Iowan's proud: Heather Poskevich. Last summer, in brutal 120-degree heat, Poskevich won the Race Across the West, finishing second overall. In August Mable recorded Velorosa co-owner Lisa Carponelli when she sat down with Poskevich to ask about her experience racing through the desert southwest.

"It was a great conversation, I just had to include it in the pod," said Mable. "I always intended to include other hosts, and Carp is the best first guest host. I'd love to do more work with her, she's a real pro."

Future episodes will include a personal experience at CIRREM, Marisa Boaz, Katie Compton and Rory Mason.

Bike Talk with Dave is a weekly podcast and is available on Apple, Spotify and Google Podcast apps, or online at


Here are the available episodes at the time of this post
  1. Heather Poskevich: Ultramarathon Cyclist talks about her win at RAW with guest host Lisa Carponelli.
  2. Felipe Nystrom: Costa Rican National Champion Part 2. The road to the Cyclocross World Championships; a message of hope.
  3. Felipe Nystrom, Costa Rican National Champion: Part 1; The Road to the Cyclocross World Championships, into the depths of drugs and depression
  4. Tyson Flaharty: Iditarod Trail Invitational ITI350 Winner
  5. Professional Photographer Twila Muzzi - it's all in the details!
  6. Liz Van Houweling: Fifth Place - Top U.S. Finisher in the 2022 Esport UCI World Championship Race
  7. Cyclocross stars Lance Haidet, Becca Fahringer and Gage Hecht talk to Dave and episode co-host Courtenay McFadden at the US World Cups
  8. Cyclocross World Championships: Trey Jarno, Guy Leshem and Felipe Nystrom
  9. Stephen Hyde: retired cyclocross champ discusses new role coaching during the UCI Cyclocross World Championships.






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