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See all the towns where RAGBRAI XLVII will pass through this July!

RAGBRAI is releasing the daily routes one per day. We'll update this post as the maps become available.
View RAGBRAI XLVII ROUTE RELEASED Feature posted Jan 27th 2019.

Sunday - July 21st (Day 1) Council Bluffs to Atlantic

Here is the complete route from Council Bluffs to Atlantic. The route encompasses 59.9 miles and 2,825 feet of climb. You can add 20.9 miles (80.8 total miles/4,032 feet of climb total if you ride the Gravel Loop) by riding the 5thannual optional Gravel Loop to McClelland. The Gravel Loop is ridden in honor of the late Steve Hed. The Mile of Silence will take place after Underwood in honor of those cyclists that we have lost.

Monday - July 22nd (Day 2) Atlantic to Winterset

The complete route from Atlantic to Winterset will travel 68.1 miles and 2,044 feet of climb. A good chunk of the route will travel along the historic White Pole Road Scenic Byway, chock full of historical locations and interesting sites. RAGBRAI will celebrate 100 Years of the American Legion and their outstanding contributions through service to the community, state and nation. Monday’s route stops through seven communities with active American Legion Posts from Atlantic to Winterset.

Tuesday, July 23 – (Day 3) Winterset to Indianola

The day’s route from Winterset to Indianola will travel a mere 39.9 fun miles and 1,374 feet of climb. The IOWA AG OASIS presented by the IOWA SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION will give riders a chance to hop off their bikes when there is a long stretch between towns to get some water and use a bathroom. Riders will also have an opportunity to learn about agriculture in our great state and taste some of those treats from Iowa! The first AG OASIS will be at Howell’s Greenhouse & Pumpkin Patch, between Winterset and Cumming. Your RAGBRAI wristband required for admission to the AG OASIS..

Wednesday, July 24 – (Day 4) Indianola to Centerville

Here is the complete route from Indianola to Centerville. The route now encompasses 84.3 miles with 3,252 feet of climb. You can add 32.3 miles (116.6 total miles/4,562 feet of climb total if you ride the Karras Loop) by riding the annual optional Karras Loop around Rathbun Lake with a stop at Honey Creek Resort. For those that wanted a challenge, this year’s Karras Loop will deliver that!

Thursday, July 25 – (Day 5) Centerville to Fairfield

Here is the complete route from Centerville to Fairfield. The Thursday route travels 65.9 miles with 2,328 feet of climb. Most of these roads and towns have not been traveled through for many years on RAGBRAI. Thursday is RAGBRAI Jersey Day!

Friday, July 26 – (Day 6) Fairfield to Burlington

The complete route from Fairfield to Burlington on Friday travels 65.6 miles with a relatively flat 1,521 feet of climb. This will be the first time for an overnight on the Mississippi River as Burlington will be ready for their different role in RAGBRAI history. Friday is College Spirit Day, so pull out your best college jersey and garb!

Saturday, July 27 – (Day 7) Burlington to Keokuk

The complete scenic route from Fairfield to Burlington on Friday travels 62.6 miles with just 1,725 feet of climb. You will spend quite a few miles rolling down the mighty Mississippi River visiting some new RAGBRAI towns as you head to the climactic river dip in Keokuk!

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