• Posted Jun 13, 2012

We are bring the Fat Tire Fun Ride to Ankeny Unplugged this week cause it's BIKEIOWA night Ankeny Unplugged! Cyclists know how to party and they've got a great band line-up specially for us!

We had a blast last year and they invited us back again!

Have we got a jammed packed Saturday planned for all you cyclists.

This Saturday, June 16th, BIKEIOWA will lead out the Fat Tire Fun Ride from El Bait Shop in Des Moines. Come at noon, and we leave at 1pm. We'll ride up to Saints Pub and Patio in Beavedale for a short stop, then take the inter-urban trail to the Neal Smith Trail to the new Ankeny Oralabor Gateway Connector Trail on our way. Out final destination is Ankeny Unplugged for some Live Music, tacos and good times. Cannot spend the whole day with us? Hook up anytime!

Cycling, Trails, Friends, Beer, Live Music and Food. How can ya not join us???


"Ankeny Unplugged" is Ankeny's new music festival series hosted by the Ankeny Jacees. They said it's "unplugged", but it's not unplugged!

We love it because of the big sound from a low-key grassroots level event with high energy and originality.
“we are calling on amazing from-your-backyard” local and regional original music acts and giving it a music festival feel with the new Ankeny Unplugged Market that includes food vendors, art, crafts, beverages (beer!), confections, and a free bicycle valet and more — all packed into a grand slam of four consecutive weekends of the best we can offer! ~ the organizers
Last year was the first BIKEIOWA Night. We had a couple of tents, we had bike valet parking, we got beer special for biking there, we sold some BIKEIOWA gear, we had a great time with bike limbo, we listened to some great music and we hung around all our friends. This year is NO DIFFERENT!

Here's the lowdown, the skinny, the 411..

BIKEIOWA will have a booth again this year at Ankeny Unplugged. We'll be selling t-shirts, caps, and jerseys to raise money for the site, more decals, etc..
We will roll out a new Trails t-shirts at the booth this weekend too. Very limited quantities and colors. Get 'em while they are hot.

  • Wear any gear and get 2-fer-1 beverages from 4-6pm (Yes, we'll have gear there if you don't have something proper to wear)
  • 4 Bands
  • Sam Auen will be feeding folks with his tasty Tacopocalypse tacos!
  • It's $3 at the gate.
  • The pedal powered bike generator will be there
  • It's less than a block from the High Trestle Trail trailhead
  • There is free bicycle valet parking inside the entry
  • Look for the black Oakley Tents. that is where we will be, and the valet parkling will be close too.
  • Lots of other food vendors will be there too
  • Bike Limbo. It was fun last year, and we are doing it again.
  • There will be bike geeks there. Bond with them. They will not bite.
  • LOTS more details
Everyone loved the bike limbo last year so we are doing it again!


This is the rock, blues, and acoustic radness you will see this week:
  1. 5:00 pm - Local music hero James Biehn starts the night with his mastery on guitar and thoughtful songwriting.
  2. 6:00 pm - MINT from right here in Des Moines just opened for Weezer; you will soon see why they were chosen.
  3. 7:00 pm - Wisconsin based and critically acclaimed The Brothers Burn Mountain bring some blues-rock fusion AU hasn’t seen yet.
  4. 8:00 pm - Headliner Fierce Bad Rabbit (8pm) is coming to us all the way from Colorado. Check out their stuff — it’s addictive!


Bring Your Own Mug for local beer.

Each week, there will be a limited amount of a different craft beer from a local (Iowa) brewer, so get it while it’s hot! (or rather, cold.)For the price of a major-label beer (1 beer ticket), we’ll give you a 16-ounce pour of the week’s featured brew — until it runs out.

The kicker:Youhave to B.ring Y.our O.wn!

* Plastic mugs only, please.We will not fill glass mugs. I know, I know, it tastes better in glass…but there ARE rules, Dude.

BUT WAIT! Thanks to our friends at Olde Main Brewing Company in Ames, IA, we will have a limited number of 16oz. mugs for sale, just in case you forget yours at home. And as usual, all proceeds go straight back to the community!

Getting Back

We are lucky enough to have trail pretty much all the way to Ankeny. There will be some street riding in Ankeny to get to the venue.Getting back will be the same route reversed.

You are on your own to get back as some folks won't want to stay for all the music. If you need directions, let us know.

PLEASE Bring lights if you are staying for the whole thing!

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