• Posted Sep 22, 2009

Celebrate Worldwide LIVESTRONG DAY 2009 on October 2nd & 3rd with the Greater Des Moines Area Livestrong Army!

Central Iowa When: Oct 2nd & 3rd 1 2009 BE PART OF THE FUN AND LEARN TO LIVE HEALTHY WHILE YOU LIVESTRONG! LIVESTRONG Day began in 2003 as the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s effort to influence public policy in Washington DC by bringing advocates from across the country to our nation’s capitol. Over the years we’ve transformed and improved the event. Then 3 years ago we realized that it was great to have 100’s of people on Capitol Hill, but we needed people backing us up in their communities to help amplify our voice. In 2006 we were ecstatic when over 100 events took place all over the country (and one USS Aircraft Carrier) on LIVESTRONG Day. The next year that number rose to 260 and then last year we hit an incredible 640 events all over the world. However, we’re just getting started. In 2009 we know that the situation has never been more serious with recent studies indicating that Cancer will overtake heart disease as the number one killer worldwide. For this reason we felt it important to choose a date and a mission that capitalizes on that importance, so we chose a date that resonates will all of us here at the Lance Armstrong Foundation, October 2nd. 10//2 is the anniversary of Lance’s diagnosis date and is the date he says that he finally started to live. We hope this will serve as a rallying cry as we march towards our goal of a Global LIVESTRONG Day with more than 1000 events across the world. Governor Chester Culver has proclaimed this LIVESTRONG DAY in the state of Iowa. The Greater Des Moines Area Livestrong Army will celebrate this event on Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 with the following events:

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