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Sun May 03 2015 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Beverly Park
Cedar Rapids, IA


Noel Kehrt, Race Director and LAMBA (Linn Area Mountain Bike Association)


Mountain Biking

Distance - Each lap is 4.5 miles

The 2015 IMBCS Mountain Bike Race season continues with our 2nd race of the season by heading to Beverly Park in Cedar Rapids. The Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy was a favorite in the 2012 season, and we are stoked to have it back on the 2015 schedule.

Beverly Park is one of the crown jewels of LAMBA (Linn Area Mountain Bike Association). IMBCS welcomes the new race director, Noel Kehrt to provide us with a fun day of racing on what promises to be a challenging, as well as a great course.

Beverly Park is a multi-directional trail system, but for the IMBCS race course we'll do a counter-clockwise loop to take advantage of each trail's flow and features. Expert, Comp, and Sport will hit EVERY BERM and BRIDGE we can, and will favor the technically gifted riders. For the Begninner, Juniors, and Kids race, we'll tone it down a bit.  ;-)

Beverly Park is an upland trail system with a sandy-based soil. It's fast, flowy, and super fun. Racers will be on 95% tight Iowa singletrack. Passing will be difficult in most sections except for in the western meadow, and on a brief fire road climbing stretch. New reroutes are planned for the Spring of 2015 that are guaranteed to be a part of this race course.

Marathon Venue:  IMBCS will feature several venues this year that include a 4 hour Marathon Category. Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy is our first venue to feature a Marathon for the 2015 Race Season. Endurance junkies unite!


TBA. See above description. Here is a blog post showing some of the trail at Beverly Park.


Beverly Park

37th Avenue and 21st Street SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404





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