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Sat Jun 12 2021 11:00 AM - 11:50 PM


Lake View, Iowa
Lake View, IA


Barb Weber, Jenny Stock Team K'moniawannaleiya, Team Spin, Team Bitch-n-Moan, Team Checker, Team C'moniwannaleiya


Party Ride

Distance - Unknown

Bike Bash is BACK. Plan on June 12th, 2021.  We will meet at The Bar, hand out shirts, take day of registration and then ride! You can head to Wall Lake to Lake Lanes via the road OR go directly to The Trailside Roadhouse in Carnarvon via the trail. After Wall Lake, you will head to Carnarvon via the road. Once everyone gets to Carnavon, plan to ride to Red's Place in Breda for the annual frozen t-shirt contest. From there, it's all trail back to Carnarvon and then to Lake View back to The Bar. There will be a DJ at The Bar and a light meal for paid riders. Register by midnight on June 6th to pay only $20 for a great time. After that the price will bump up to $25. NO REFUNDS if event is cancelled.  


Route 1 - Some road/Some Trail.....Meet in Lake View at The Bar, take the trail partial part of the way to Wall Lake.  Then take the road to Lake Lanes in Wall Lake.  From there take the road to Carnarvon.  From Carnarvon, head on the Suak Rail to Breda and stop at Red's Place.  Then head back to Carnarvon on the trail and end up at The Bar in Lake View,  
Route 2 - ALL trail.  Leave Lake View from The Bar.  Take the trail to Carnarvon to The Trailside Roadhouse.  Then take the trail to Breda to Red's place.  Reverse and follow the same route back to The Bar in Lake View.  


Lake View, Iowa

416 Main Street
Lake View, IA 51450


$20 will get you a shirt, light meal, a daily group trail pass and a dj.  One or two safety stops are also planned.
Register at


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