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Sat Jun 26 2021 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


The New Shack Tavern
Cedar Rapids, IA


Team Stiff


Party Ride

Distance - 38 miles

The Stiff Ride starts at the New Shack Tavern in Cedar Rapids, and makes its first stop at Odie's bar in Ely (6.5 miles).  We then bike to Baxa's Sutliff Store & Tavern in Sutliff (13 miles).  After a few hours of socializing along the banks of the Cedar River & the famous Sutliff Bridge, we take the same route back to the New Shack Tavern.  There will be a beer oasis between Ely and Sutliff, (look for the Team Stiff bus).


Shueyville Loop:  For bikers who want to ride extra miles, and take a different route back to the New Shack Tavern, you can take a left turn to Shueyville, have a beer at the bar in Shueyville, and then head north and east back to Cedar Rapids and the New Shack Tavern.  The full route and the loop will be marked with yellow route arrows.


A post-ride party will be held at the New Shack Tavern.  Camping space is available next the Shack.  Plan to stay for a full day & night of biking, hacky sack and partying with fellow bikers.


Souvenir Stiff Ride patches, posters, oval window stickers and water bottles will be available again this year.  The Stiff Ride poster was designed by renowned Iowa artist Merita Guthrie.  If you would like to pre-order a Stiff Ride patch, poster or window sticker, send an email to

View this video to learn more about the Stiff Ride:


The route between Cedar Rapids and Ely is on the Cedar Valley bike trail.  The route south of Ely continues on the Cedar Valley bike trail for a few more miles, and then turns onto a low traffic, country highway to Sutliff.


The New Shack Tavern

2545 Old River Road, S.W.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404



There is no registration fee for the Stiff Ride.  Stiff Ride oval window stickers cost $1 each.  Stiff Ride patches cost $5 each.  Stiff Ride posters cost $10 each.  Stiff Ride water bottles cost $12 each.


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