Sat Jun 26 2021 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Villisca Iowa
Villisca, IA


Cory McAlpin



Distance - 200k, 100k, 50k or approximately 122, 62, and 32 miles (miles may not be exact and may be a few more)

Come join the fun June 26th 2021 for the 5th annual SWIGG race. Each year SWIGG grows larger and there is a reason why. It's fun! On average you can expect 1/4-1/3 of a course to be dirt level B roads. We promise an experience like no other. There will be hills and lots of them. You should come prepared for an average of 100' per mile of elevation in SHORT AND PUNCHY hills that never end. If you are prepared for these kinds of stats, then you are ready. To date we have had 11 states represented and each year, we have finishers from other more known races nationally, throw in the towel less than halfway through one of our courses. Last years courses were 125 miles with around 10,000', 65 miles with 5800-5900', and 32 miles with around 2800'. While these figures may be less than the 100'/mile I mentioned, it won't feel like it when you race. If you need more assistance, just ask anyone who has ridden down here for SWIGG.

This years race will be 200, 100, and 50k races again as in 2020. We offer something for everyone, men, women, and youth! So come on down to Villisca Iowa on June 26th and race one of the premier courses in the state and help support the city of Villisca. Registration will open at midnight May1st and run through midnight June 13th on BikeReg. Routes will also be emailed to every participant  2 weeks prior to the date of the race.

As always, in these uncertain times, we cannot say anything is certain at this point. We will have this race if possible but time will tell and we will all have to wait and be patient. Please bookmark my webpage and check in periodically for updates. Also check out our Facebook page for more info.



Villisca Iowa

Villisca, exact address TBA later
Villisca, IA 50864




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