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Sat Apr 20 2019 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Triangle Tap
Des Moines, IA




Party Ride

Distance - 20 miles

Its back! 

Please do the Mayors ride then join your friends to kick off the biking season for a few beers.  What is this, the 18th year for this?  Wear helmets and bring lights.  Tip your bartenders. 

Ride from home if you can and if you have a vehicle, have a dd.


Familiar route.  Kick this off at the TRIANGLE TAP for the first bar stop.  A little before Noonish should be a nice time invade this laid back establishment. Parking in back and nice front patio.  Close to Taco Casa too.  This is a very bike friendly bar with supportive ownership.  Close to the trails.  Located at essentially MLK and Euclid (behind the strip mall with HyVee in it.  Jesus, just google Triangle tap and follow your phone map.

Approximately 2:30 its off to the Blazing Saddle via trail and the interurban bridge (consider a beer at Captain Roys if you have not hits this fun spot yet).  The Saddle is one of the East Villiage's watering spots,  except that the Blazing Saddle uses booze and very little water.  A great place to let your hair down.  I recommend any mixed drink here.  The location is East 5th between Grand and Locust.  (Lots of food options in the East Village).   

Be respectful of others on the trail. If stopping on the interurban bridge to enjoy the view, please do not impede others ability to cross the bridge.  Its all good and we are all friends here.

Be Safe!

Need a nice place to stay, check out AC Hotel in Des Moines' East Village.  Right behind the Blazing Saddle.  Its hip and cool IMO.  Or the Hampton in right across from High Life/El Bait.


Triangle Tap

2506 Post Street
Des Moines, IA 



NONE!  Tip your bartender


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The mayor’s ride starts at principal by captain roys then the the tap.. your ride is going the other direction...

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