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Sat Jun 26 2004 9 AM - About dark


Right in front of the bar in downtown Riverside.
Riverside, IA


Team MelonHead


Just Plain Fun

Distance - 67 miles

A fun ride but also a good training ride for RAGBRAI. Help us honor a future hero...Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.


In honor of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, we begin this fun-filled adventure ride at the site of his future birthplace, Riverside, Iowa. Start time at 9 AM or (2 PM ZULU), From there it is on to Kalona for an Amish breakfast. On the way, we must raise our protective shields to avoid the photon torpedos deposited in the roadway. From Kalona it's onto Wellman where Scotty will try and do his beat to help the beautiful barmaid keep her phasers up and pointed. Then the long ride to Keota where we must stop to replenish our BUD Lightium Crystals. Then it's a short jog at WARP speed to Tallyrand, sight of many ASSteriods and Nippuli during RAGBRAI 28. From Tallyrand it is a lengthy voyage to Washington, where Spock will beam us up to the Fourth Street Saloon for a chance to apply Klingons to the local patrons . This will be the last Chechkov before our final destination of Riverside. While our mission is to explore strange bars and to go where no rider has gone before, we usually just visit the same ones as on last year's ride. The trek is only a mere 67 light years (assumming that light travels as fast as BENDAR) and is for the most part a smooth ride. We make no BONES about it, because actually, the ride is no TRIBBLE at all!


Right in front of the bar in downtown Riverside.

Downtown Riverside, Iowa Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk
Riverside, IA 



Come as you are. There is no cost to this ride other than what you spend on the ride. I know it's a long ride to party, however, it will be a good tune up for RAGBRAI.


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